Our Cake Story

ABOUT US                                                                                                                     

Home Grown Cakes is a homegrown business that operates out of our private certified commercial baking kitchen in Northern Kentucky, servicing the Greater Cincinnati Area. We use natural, gourmet, farm-fresh, and homegrown ingredients to craft yummy artisan fare wedding cakes and other delicious celebration confections.

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THE GOOD STUFF (Homegrown and Farm-Fresh Ingredients!)

We use Kentucky-grown unbleached flour, local farm-fresh fruits, honey, jams, and syrups, homegrown herbs, pure cane sugar, local free-range eggs, local pasture raised dairy, real vanilla extract, decadent cocoa, non-hydrogenated oils, and other gourmet ingredients to craft all of our products. Many ingredients we use are also certified organic. Learn more about our locally sourced ingredients here!


Where my love for farm fresh produce started! My beloved grandma June and her best friend/sister Joanne selling the week’s pickings off their tailgate at the Lunken Farmers’ Market.


Andrea Dee…whimsical baker, professionally trained cake designer (14+ years!), and green thumbing momma operates Home Grown Cakes with the help of her husband, Troy Dee…experienced dishwasher, professional cake taxi driver, devoted computer geek, and daddy to our little flower child Daisy June. We are also lucky enough to have endless support of family and talented friends who help in the kitchen and in the garden too!


A special thank you to my mom Patty who helped me make my first blue ribbon cake for the county fair some 18 years ago and accompanies many deliveries, my enthusiastic Grandma June whom lovingly supplied the basement we started Home Grown Cakes in more officially 5 years ago, and my sister DeAnna who looks real nice in an apron, offering ongoing assistance and creativity as a fellow bake tress and decorator!


My Baking Buddies.


I guess you just never know when you will ignite a lifelong passion! Youth County Cake Champ 1997


Our NKY Health Department certified commercial baking facility is located within our own home out in the beautiful countryside of California, Kentucky. Just 25 minutes south of Cincinnati, off the scenic AA Hwy. We proudly and consistently maintain a 100% score for sanitary operations with the Health Department and our commercial baking kitchen is of course isolated from our family kitchen.

Know that when you support Home Grown Cakes you are supporting many local farmers and us too in keeping our family homegrown. Thank you!